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Why You Should Podcast


    Engage existing clients in a new way. More "touches" equals better client relationships.

    Podcasting is an intimate medium that presents an excellent opportunity to let your personality shine. Build trust with prospects and clients along the way.

    Like radio has done for advisors the past decade, podcasts can give you an instant credibility pop with listeners.

    A podcast is a great way to enhance your website and other marketing channels. It's an easy and effective way to put regular content on your website and on social media outlets.

    Use calls-to-action to pull more prospects into your funnel and eventually into your office.

    Listeners will view you as the go-to source for all things financial as you educate them week-in and week-out on multiple topics.

How It Works

  • How It Works – Content


    • Every month, we’ll give you multiple topics to choose from.
    • Have great ideas? Bring your own content to the table.
    • BENEFIT: Saves you countless hours of show prep.
    Download A Content Sample
  • How It Works – Co Host


    • We provide you with a co-host (optional) to help you get comfortable with the process and to enhance the conversational style of the show.
    • Gives you someone with whom you can banter, interact and engage.
    • BENEFIT: It’s easier to do a show this way and often more fun for you and the listener.
  • How It Works – Equipment


    • We’ll help you pick the best equipment for your situation.
    • Get good sound for as little as $150 or go top of the line with a $2,500 professional set-up.
    • BENEFIT: We know how to find that balance of quality vs. affordability. And we’ll walk you through the set-up process.
  • How It Works – Production


    • Our team will edit your episodes and eliminate the typical ums, ahs, mistakes & other distractions.
    • We’ll mix all the elements together with custom music and liners to make is sound as polished as can be.
    • BENEFIT: Stand out from your competition who has the podcast that sounds like it was recorded with a tin can.
  • How It Works – Coaching


    • We teach you best practices for sounding & looking good on-air, online, and beyond.
    • Implementation is also key. We want the process to be easy & efficient. It takes most advisors only an hour per month to execute their show using our plan.
    • BENEFIT: Eliminates rookie mistakes. Saves you time.
  • How It Works – Web


    • We’ll make the podcast look great on your company website or on a custom podcast site we’ll build for you.
    • The social media elements we create will leverage your show in other ways to help improve your digital footprint.
    • BENEFIT: Great SEO, social media sharing, referrals, etc…

Podcast Pricing

  • Podcast Packages – Basic Podcast 1

    Basic Podcast


    The base of all our shows. All the elements you need to launch & maintain a podcast.

    Content & Editing: Great topics save you prep time. A co-host to guide you. Professional editing makes you polished and smooth on-air.

    Start-Up: Show logo. Intro. Turnkey launch services.

    Equipment: We’ll give you guidance on the right equipment for your situation and help you set it up.

    Publishing: We add episodes to your website & all major podcasting apps.

    Develop Trust. Great tool for continuing education for your clients and prospects will consume many episodes to get to “know” you during the sales process.

    $599 start-up fee.

  • Podcast Insight – Comprehensive 3



    Basic package, plus…

    Social: Attractive videos and graphics from each episode posted for you to social media throughout the month.

    Growth: Package includes a $100/month budget for Facebook ads to help spread your show to new audiences.

    SEO Boost: Blogs created with show notes, links to resources & timestamps.

    Website: Custom website (optional) to showcase the podcast.

    Leverage: You don’t do any additional work from the basic package, yet with all this automation your show goes so much further.

    $999 start-up fee.

*The packages reflect pricing for two episodes per month.

*Advisors typically only spend an hour per month executing their shows.

*Packages can be customized to fit your needs.

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