Making Sense Of Podcast Website Display Options

This topic can get really confusing.

So, we’ll try to make it simple and easy to digest. That’s a real challenge for someone who was “born to fill air time” as a co-worker once described me. Admittedly, brevity isn’t my strong suit. Here I go, already writing unnecessary sentences to try to make excuses in the event my goal for keeping this blog post simple and short slips away. Argh. Okay, enough of that…Basically, we want to give you the rundown on website display options.

Let’s tackle this with the ole Good, Better, Best approach.


Embedding or iFraming your Website Display

In most situations, we use a third-party site (Libsyn, Podbean, etc…) to “host” or “house” your podcast audio files. These third-party sites often come with templates that serve as a podcasting website. They are relatively simple, but some have customization options that look pretty good.

Example 1: Financial Choices Matter

That’s a good podcast website. It’s simple, gets right to the episode, and has a nice header image. The problem is the web address is (showname) In most cases, that’s not where you want to send your listeners. You want them on your own website. That’s where example 2 takes us.

Example 2: Retirement Roadmap

This shows a Podbean website (similar to example 1) embedded into an advisor’s existing site. Doesn’t look bad. But it still has some drawbacks like not being able to send people to a particular episode (you can only send them to the main page OR you’re back to example 1 of sending them to an outside site). You also don’t get any SEO benefit from embedding or iFraming another site. It’s not a detriment, but you’re missing out on some much desired boosting of your business site.

PROS – Easy to set-up and maintain… Inexpensive… Still looks good (in most cases)

CONS – Less flexibility in display options… Inability to send people directly to a particular episode on your business page. Instead, you would have to send them to the third-party site where the files are hosted.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS – Won’t get into detail here, but you do have another option of importing the podcast data using an RSS feeder. The functionality and attractiveness of this option varies greatly based on your website theme, infrastructure and web person’s ability to set it up properly. This is not a hugely popular option due to those concerns.


Tricking Your WordPress Site

This option is relatively simple. What we’ll do is trick your WordPress website (non WordPress websites can still work, but functionality varies on case-by-case basis) into thinking you have two blogs (assuming you already have one established). Then we’ll post each podcast episode as a blog post. Under our basic plan, this only includes a headline & 2-3 sentence description of the episode. But it looks really good, includes images, & solves that problem of being able to send people to particular episodes while keeping them on your site.

Example Page: Wright Money Tips

Example Post: Minding The Gap Episode

PROS – Looks great… Meshes with your existing website theme… Can send listeners to particular episodes on your page…

CONS – Requires a bit more work to set-up initially… A little bit better SEO performance, but still not leveraging as much as you could be…


Podcast & Blog Combo

As the picture shows, this is the heartiest way to leverage your podcast. With this strategy, we turn every episode into a robust blog post that’s rich with content and keywords to boost SEO and get your website developing more traffic and appearing higher in search results. We include a plugin that allows us to create clickable time stamps to take listeners directly to the parts of the episode in which they’re most interested.

Our team will customize your podcast page, make sure it meshes with the rest of your site, create necessary sidebars, display appropriate calls-to-action and any additional tweaks to help you put your best foot forward online.

Example: Never Assume In Retirement Planning

Example: Things You Can’t Control

Example: Financial Fake News

The benefit of our podcast/blog combo service is that you get content that’s personalized and written from your “voice”. This is a truly customized website display option. And it happens WITHOUT all the additional time and effort.

PROS – Looks amazing… Ability to include creative calls-to-action… SEO rock star… Engage auditory & visual learners… Copy & paste blog content for e-newsletters… Customized approach…

CONS – Increased cost (but it’s still affordable and totally worth it, of course)

Whew! Did you make it to the end?

If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably a sign that you’re ready to roll with a podcast of your own. Do you have questions about website display options or podcasting in general? Ready to get started?

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