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Why Radio?

    We use multiple methods (phone, text, web, toolkits, etc...) to engage the listening audience to bring you qualified prospects.

    Radio is an intimate medium that presents an excellent opportunity to let your personality shine.

    The "celebrity factor". Having a radio show helps you increase your credibility with prospects before they ever step foot in your office.

    A radio show is a great way to enhance your other marketing efforts. Feature it on your website. Put the station logos on your letterhead. Cross promote seminars.

    Our add-on service helps you seamlessly and affordably re-package your radio show into an awesome podcast & blog.

    Listeners will view you as the go-to source for all things financial as you educate them week-in and week-out on multiple topics.
Turnkey Radio Packages
  • Radio Package Insight 1

    Custom Radio


    Comprehensive execution of weekly one-hour radio show. We’ll take care of all the hard parts. You just show up each week and talk.

    Equipment: Will advise you on the best equipment for your budget and walk you through set-up. Best part, do the show from your home or office.

    Content & Editing: Great topics (written by a fellow advisor) save you prep time. A co-host to guide you. Professional editing makes you polished & smooth on-air.

    Coaching: Ongoing guidance about best practices, calls-to-action, etc…

    Delivery: We’ll send your shows to compliance (if needed) & your stations.

    $999 start-up fee.

  • Radio Package Insight 3

    Radio & Podcast


    With this add-on, we’ll take the work you’re already putting into the radio show and powerfully leverage it in three different ways.

    Podcast. We’ll pick the best two segments each month and tweak it to fit the digital format and sync it in with all the major podcasting apps.

    Blog. Two blogs per month derived from the content of those podcasts to help boost SEO on your website and to give your podcast a home base.

    Social Media. We’ll create graphics and videos to turn your show into yet more pieces of content and will automatically post those elements throughout the month to your social media platforms.

    Growth: We’ll manage ads on Facebook for you to help push the podcast to new audiences.

    $1500 start-up fee.

*Discount will apply if you don’t need one of our co-hosts.

*We can customize a package to fit your needs.

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